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Date: 10-22-2017
From: Christopher Landon

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

If you want your websites to be successful and solely rely on free organic traffic, then setting them up properly to attract and amaze the search engines is very important.

If you would rather continue relying on ppc campaigns and allow your competition to continue getting the reward of free traffic... traffic that could be yours, and it should be right? They have those rankings just because their sites were easier for the search bots to crawl and index. 

This is exactly why you need the best linking structure on each of your sites. Once you do this, you get more indexed pages because the search bots from google, yahoo, bing, and others can easily find all of your pages. This allows your pages to rank higher across all search platforms. 

The problem is when you have more than just a few sites, getting a proper link structure across your entire network can be nearly impossible. 

Instead you need a tool that does this for you.....

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Let me introduce you to "Autopilot Rank Booster.A powerful linking script that allows you to easily manage links across your entire site network.

It's a powerful solution to distribute page rank and increase the amount and frequency google bot, yahoo bot, and bing bot crawl your sites, eating up your content!

This results in more of your pages being included in search engines much faster and you are guaranteed to see an increase in search engine rankings.

No more will your page rank be in the way of your online success. Your sites are now connected in the most efficient way that will attract the search bots to devour your pages delivering you with the highly sought out results.

Here's The Entire List of Benefits You Are Getting:

  Efficiently manages all of your links to guarantee your linking structure is optimized for increased search engine results! Increased search bots and a higher rank in search engines awaits you...

  Provides you with an easy to monitor system to view where and how your links are posted throughout your networkThose of you with a lot of sites know exactly how tough this can be to track. Keeping them in order is impossible.

  Traffic increases simply because your links are remaining visible through your entire site network!  Increase traffic to the most important pages on your sites that bring in the most revenue!

  Distributes your ranking accurately to the right pages that are most likely to boost your rankings!  Keeps your pages connected in the correct way so they do not fail to get the results they are capable of.

  Displays links horizontally or vertically to fit into your pages perfectly.  You have full flexibility to fit your links wherever you want inside your pages to increase your clickthrough rates! 

  Allows you to input the right anchor text for your links to increase your search engine results.  Having the right text on your links is a HUGE factor in getting rankings for the terms you want!

  Easily manages your links with the option to add and remove links at any time.    Never again do you have to track down where this link is, that link is, etc. Manage thousands or millions of links from one central control panel. 

  Plus, so much omre!

Think about,...

The Number of Top Search Engine Positions You are Not Receiving Due To Your Sites Not Being Properly Optimized.

Simply put, if the search engines don't know the structure of your site, you don't get listed. They can't list what they can't find. They just move on to the next site that is easy for them and those are the pages you see in search engines on page one. 

This is why it's so important your links are set-up effectively.  It gives you the boost it needs to claim profitable rankings in the search engines. 

I imagine you are thinking Autopilot Rank Booster is going to cost you a fortune. I mean, it certainly would cost a fortune to gain this level of seo from a professional seo company. 

However, I created this revolutionary linking breakthrough because I was in the same shoes you are just two years ago. I was actually probably worse off. I now have blogs and affiliate sites ranking on first page in as little as three months of creation. This is from a site created July 15, 2017. Screen shot is from googles webmaster tools. This is how fast results are and how drastically you can increase your impressions and clicks. 

That is just a few of the searches that are ranking top twenty and the number of clicks now receiving in just three months. Who said it takes a year to rank first page? 

Plus, you should also know that it's not going to cost your fortune to get your copy of Autopilot Rank Booster.   In fact, it's only a one charge of $39.99.  A small investment you make back with a few new higher search rankings or saved hours you can spend on more productive tasks!

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Christopher Landon

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